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4 Development NewsCastle Pines church finds new inspiration, new name, new locationBy Elizabeth Wood West with photo provided by Canyons Community ChurchCanyons Community Church, formerly Christ the King Evangelical Presbyterian Church, opened its doors earlier this year at its new location, 2.1 miles north of Founders Parkway and I-25 at 4825 Crowfoot Valley Road.The newly repurposed church building is some- thing that the congregation has looked forward to ever since they began meeting in the gymof the DCS Montessori School on Castle Pines Parkway in 2003. The church began as a satel- lite church of Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church and formally became its own church in 2005.Church leaders spent a great deal of time look- ing for property in just the right location. In January 2010, the church purchased 14 acres ofland and construction on the building was com- pleted in April of this year.“Our church is a multi-purpose facility that includes a welcome area/coffee bar, office and meeting space, children's classrooms, and a worship/community center,” said the church’s office administrator Linda Weber. “In this loca- tion, we look forward to expanding our existing programs. It also gives us a huge opportunity to enlarge our youth program and add more minis- try opportunities for the local community,” said Weber.After seven years at the Castle Pines location, church members decided to change their name to symbolize the enthusiasm for the new times ahead at a new church location.Led by new pastor Mark Skalberg, Canyons Community Church offers children’s, youth, women’s, and men’s ministries, in addition to its weekly worship services. For more information, call 303-663-5751 or visit Community Church, formerly Christ the King Presbyterian Church.CCeennttuurraaHHeeaalltthh’’ssAAddmmiinniissttrraattoorrffoorrtthheeCCoonnssttrruuccttiioonnhhaassbbeegguunnoonnaa4400,,000000ssqq..fftt..Centura Health’s newCastle Rock AdventistHealth Campus opensBy Elizabeth Wood WestCastle Rock Adventist Health Campus, Brian Moore, was joined by staff and local officials on September 7 at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the grand opening of the healthcare provider’s new facility.More than 1,300 people attended the Castle Rock Adventist Health Campus open house. Attendees toured the facility, including the Flight for Life helipad.medical office building, scheduled to open late 2012. Additionally, construction of Cas- tle Rock Adventist Health Campus’ new $128 million hospital has started. The 212,000sq. ft. full-service hospital will include 50 licensed beds and provide intensive care, medical/surgical, obstetrics, orthopedics,and cardiology services. The new hospital is expected to open the summer of 2013.For further information, please visit www. .(Photos and artist’s rendering provided by Aaron Fritz, Director of Business Development for Castle Rock Adventist Health Campus).

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